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10U Squirts Golden Knights
by posted 10/17/2021

Good afternoon and welcome to the 10U Knights! If you haven't already seen, the 10U teams were posted last night, and your child is on our team. I am Ted Smith, and I will be coaching this year along with Beau Brunswick and Jonathan Moore. My son, Takuma, has been playing for 5 years, and I've been coaching since he started. 

My coaching philosophy is pretty simple; I have three goals: 1) Everyone will want to come back next year and play again because it was so much fun. 2) We take advantage of the unique ability of this age group to learn fundmental skills at a rapid pace (as we get older, the ability to quickly pick up skills diminshes; watch me skate if you want an example.) 3) We respect the game and each other

You can always reach out to me with any questions, issues, etc. via e-mail or phone. My cell is 740-274-0792. 

It looks like CCYHA has posted our practice schedule for the first few weeks at least - for practices, we are part of "10U SQ Major 1" ADM group. This year we have 5 teams and 2 ADMs, so in order to share the ice evenly, our ADM will sometimes change (so we'll be in the foup of 3 sometimes and in the group of  2 sometime). This is the first time I've been a part of this "ADM switching on the fly" experiment, so I'll try to overcommunicate. Make sure to read through Michelle's CCYHA e-mails and drop me a line if there's something you don't understand. 

I'd like to have a brief parents meeting outside the Chiller at 5:30 Tuesday (our practice is at 5:50). I'll have jerseys for the kids at that time. We will also need a team manager. So think about that, and we'll talk more at our meeting...


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