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Welcome to the Jets!!!
by posted 10/18/2021

Hello and welcome to the 8U Jets!!!

My name is Jon Moore and I will be coaching the 8U Jets this year along with our assistant/team manager Coach Pitter. My son, Braedon, is playing in his 2nd year of CCYHA hockey. I helped our coaches at the MITE level for the Islanders in 2018, was an assistant coach for 8U Pond Hockey in 2019 for the Bronx Bombers, was a co-coach at the MITE level for the Kings in 2019, took the year off last year due to COVID concerns, and in addition to coaching our 8U Jets this year - I am also an assistant coach for Braedon's older brother's 10U Squirt Major Golden Knights team. Braunson is playing in his 3rd season of CCYHA hockey and 1st year as a SQUIRT.

  • My coaching philosophy is 3 letters - FUN!!!
    • F: Fun - if the kids don't have a blast playing hockey, then we haven't done our job! Our #1 goal is that everyone will want to come back next year and play again because it was so much fun!!!
    • U: Unique ability of this age group to learn fundamental skills at a rapid pace. We will teach them the most important hockey skills appropriate for this age while also challenging them and getting them ready to play at a high level once they become a SQUIRT.
    • N: Nobility - possessing outstanding qualities of character - we will make sure that all of us respect the game, each other, our opponents, the officials, and CCYHA staff members at all times!
  • Contact Info.: You can always reach out to me with any questions, issues, etc., via e-mail or phone. I respond to texts very quickly, but email works as well. I respectfully request that if you have an issue with me or the team that you please wait 24 hours so that we can have a productive conversation. My cell # is 614-596-7201 and my email is 
  • Practice Schedule: CCYHA has posted our practice schedule for just this week so far and we only have 1 practice, tomorrow (10/19) from 7:00-7:50 PM. We are assigned to the "8U ADM - White 2 & 8U ADM - White 2" practice group, so we will have practices on the following nights:​
    • Tuesday at 7:00 PM (every week)
    • Thursday at 6:30 PM (every OTHER week)
  • Game Schedule: The schedule should be available on the CCYHA website in the next day or so and games should be posted through Christmas (as it has been that way in years past). All our games at the 8U MITE level will be played on Saturdays between 6:30 AM and 11:00 AM at the Dublin Chiller.
  • You can pull a list of both practice and game schedules from the CCYHA website as follows:
    • Hover over "ALL TEAMS" on the top blue menu with options in white font.
    • Click on "Multi-Schedule".
    • Select the appropriate "Schedule Type" to link the schedule results to your personal calendar type.
    • Scroll down to the checkbox under "House > 8U Mite > White" and click on the box to the left of "8U Jets".
    • Continue scrolling down to the checkbox under "ADM Groups" and click on the box to the left of "8U ADM - White 2".
    • Click on the "Submit" button at the very bottom of this page. The resulting page will show the 1 practice scheduled for this week for now but will eventually show more practices and the games.
    • On the lower blue tool bar with the word "Schedule" in white font you can click on the white triangle to the right of "Options" and select "Calendar Feed". Then select a service for the type of calendar you use and follow directions. This feed should automatically update as changes are made to the CCYHA calendar based upon your device preferences on fetching data.
  • Jerseys & Socks: We already have the game jerseys at the Chiller and the practice jerseys should arrive in time to pass them out tomorrow at practice, but due to the massive shipping delays affecting all goods - the game socks are still delayed. We will coordinate getting player names on the back of the game jerseys and try to have them ready for the first game on Saturday!!!
  • Communication is absolutely key in this league with the rotating practices and game times. We will overcommunicate so that nothing is missed. We completely understand how busy schedules are in general and especially this time of year. In addition, CCYHA requires that if your child does not feel well (whether you think it's COVID-19 or not) please have them stay home. However, we ask that if your child is going to miss a game on a given Saturday, please let us know by 8:00 PM the Friday before the game! This is crucial to making sure every player gets fair ice time during games! For now, you can text me if your child is going to miss a game, but I'm going to investigate using the tool that is advertised on the league practice reminders that I have received so far called, "SPORTSSIGNUP PLAY MOBILE APP" (listed as "SSU Play - SportsSignUp Play" on the Google Play store) as a global way to communicate with everyone on the team.
  • Parents Meeting: FINALLY, I'd like to have a VERY brief parents meeting immediately following practice tomorrow night, so I will try to begin the meeting no later than 7:55 PM. I have reserved the lounge (when you walk into the lobby of the Chiller it's the room immediately to the right which has both couches and tables) which has a "Value City Furniture" sign on the sliding glass doors. 

Coach Jon 🏒🥅🏒🥅🏒🥅

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Jonathan Moore 
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